Great Sherry Tasting 2017

Mon, 11 Sep
11:00 to 17:00

Level Two OXO Tower Wharf, Bargehouse Street
United Kingdom

Annual trade and press tasting for Sherry Wines UK. 

The Great Sherry Tasting is the largest tasting of Sherry Wines outside Jerez, taking place in its most dynamic and important export market, the UK.

Over 40 producers will be represented at the Great Sherry Tasting by the UK’s leading Sherry importers who will be showing nearly 200 wines for you to taste. Plus, the masterclasses are back, popular as ever.

Masterclass programme

11.30am - 12.30pm Becoming a Sherry Sommelier, hosted by Andrea Briccarello and Giovanni Ferlito

Learning about Sherry is just the beginning of becoming a true Sherry sommelier. Guests attending this masterclass will: taste six hand-picked Sherry wines, chosen by some of the UK’s leading sommeliers; learn the art of sharing Sherry knowledge with customers and staff; be taken on a culinary journey to understand how truly versatile Sherry is when pairing with food; and be welcomed into the world of Copa Jerez, the ultimate Sherry and food pairing competition.

1.30pm - 2.30pm Cheese pairing with Sherry, hosted by Susy Atkins

Tasting Sherry often gives added dimensions of flavour, depth and aromas but when those wines are tasted again with different cheeses something magical happens. This masterclass will explore six different styles of Sherry paired with three different cheeses to illustrate the dramatic and evolving flavour sensations of pairing Sherry with cheese.

3.45pm - 4.45pm The nation's favourite Sherries: en rama & cream, hosted by Beltrán Domecq

Two styles of Sherry dominate the headlines in the UK, and they couldn’t be more different. Each has caught the attention of a demanding British public but both have their own unique tales to tell. Guests to this masterclass will taste five of the best examples from both ranges, under the expert tutelage of the CRDO Jerez y Manzanilla president, Beltrán Domecq.
Firstly, the latest addition to the Sherry family are en rama wines, most often younger styles of bone-dry Fino and Manzanilla, released typically in Spring and Autumn each year when the ‘flor’ is most active.
And, then, the most well-known sweeter styles of medium dry, medium sweet and cream Sherry. Often overlooked but these styles provide elegant wines, perfect for food pairing and give the most rewarding tasting experience.

Whether you are a Sherry aficionado wanting to hone your knowledge of these unique wines, or someone who’s new to Sherry and wants to learn more, we would like to welcome you to our annual Sherry showcase event (trade only).

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Sherry Wines

Classic, Passionate & Uniquely Spanish
Vino Generoso


Vino Generoso


Vino Generoso


Vino Generoso


Vino Generoso

Palo Cortado

Vino Generoso de Licor

Pale Cream

Vino Generoso de Licor


Vino Generoso de Licor


Vino Dulce Natural


Vino Dulce Natural

Pedro Ximénez