10 Sherry Christmas Pairings

Published 11.12.2016   by SHERRY WINES   @sherrywines
Take your friends and families palates on a journey this festive season with a very #sherrychristmas.

Throw away those timid little glasses that come out once a year, and instead savour the delights of chilled Sherry in a good-sized wine glass.  From the driest to the sweetest styles, Sherry Wine can be so different and when paired with food offer such a heavenly experience.  We invite you to experiment with a different sherry style for every course, try some of our classic and innovative pairing recommendations this year and have a very #sherrychristmas. 

1. Smoked Salmon paired with Fino

Fino's dryness and salty finish perfectly pairs with smoked salmon and acts as the perfect starter to Christmas dinner. 

2. Roasted butternut squash with cauliflower florets and Manchego

Wow your guests with this delicious side dish, with intense flavours, it matches perfectly with a Palo Cortado or Oloroso. Get the recipe

3. Oysters paired with Manzanilla

Manzanilla's character and origin is close to the sea, it pairs beautifully with the saltiness and acidity of oysters.

4. Roast Turkey paired with Amontillado

The dry nutty flavors of Amontillado compliment chicken and turkey whilst not overpowering the subtlety of the meat. 

5. Christmas Ham paired with Amontillado

If the glaze is really sweet try pairing instead with a chilled glass of Cream, you'll be surprised!  

Roasted Asparagus Salad Manzanilla

6. Roasted Asparagus Salad 

The naturally rich umami of the Manzanilla en Rama melds beautifully with the normally hard to pair green of the asparagus. The “brininess” of the Manzanilla highlights the saltiness of the ham and pecorino, while the Manzanilla in the Sabayon, and the acidity of the sherry vinaigrette tie it all together. Click here for the recipe

7. Roast Lamb paired with Oloroso 

If you opt for lamb or beef dishes this Christmas, pair with Oloroso, as its name suggests, is a wine with an enormous aromatic complexity. Due to its powerful personality it can be perfectly matched with even the most complex and sophisticated dishes such as roast lamb or beef. 

8. Sherry Trifle paired with Pale Cream 

A classic combination of ingredients combining sherry with fruit, custard and cream, click here for the recipe

9. Pear Ice cream sandwich with gruyere rosemary shortbread paired with Pedro Ximénez

The sweet raisin, caramel, and smooth taste of this Pedro Ximénez is a perfect combination for a dish that involves cheese, fruit, and ice cream. Click here for recipe 

10. Cheese board with roasted hazelnuts paired with Palo Cortado

Mature cheeses especially pair well with Palo Cortado, the complex fatty, nutty and roasted notes reinforce the nutty notes in the Palo Cortado

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