Sherry Festival 2017

Sherry Events Nationwide
5 to 18 June

It’s back, and bigger and better than ever. The Sherry Festival is the perfect opportunity to learn more about the wines of Jerez by visiting your local independent wine merchant from 5 - 18 June.

If you love Sherry, or even if you think you don't like Sherry, then the Sherry Festival is the best time to taste and enjoy these unique wines from Andalucia in southern Spain.

Last year, over 60 different merchants took part, hosting over 700 different events. To join in this year, simply find out what's happening near you during the festival - Monday 5 June - Sunday 18 June, 2017 - and sign up to attend.

What's On

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The best independent wine merchants across the UK are taking part in the 2017 Sherry Festival - with a wide range of tastings and events, including food and Sherry matching dinners, tutored tastings and, of course, lots of in-store sampling.

Merchants taking part

  • Auriol Wines (London)
  • Davy's Wine Merchant (London)
  • Highbury Vintners (London)
  • Last Drop Wines (London)
  • Park Vintners (London)
  • Theatre of Wine (London)
  • Connolly's Wine Merchant ( Midlands)
  • Duncan Murray Wines (Midlands)
  • Lewis and Cooper (North East)
  • Winearray (North East)
  • Salut Wines (North West)
  • The Wine Cellar (North West)


  • Direct Wine Shipments (Northern Ireland)
  • Quintessential Wines (Northern Ireland)
  • Drinkmonger (Scotland)
  • The Good Spirits Company (Scotland)
  • Valhallas Goat (Scotland)
  • Champion Wines (South East)
  • Flagship Wines (South East)
  • Fourth and Church (South East)
  • HarperWells (South East)
  • Hennings Wine (South East)
  • Noel Young Wines (South East)
  • Averys (South West)


  • Christopher Piper Wines (South West)
  • Ellis Wharton Wines (South West)
  • The Clifton Cellars (South West)
  • The Solent Cellars (South West)
  • The Wine Shop (South West)
  • Mumbles Fine Wines (Wales)

More details to be released, check back here soon.


Sherry Wines

Classic, Passionate & Uniquely Spanish
Vino Generoso


Vino Generoso


Vino Generoso


Vino Generoso


Vino Generoso

Palo Cortado

Vino Generoso de Licor

Pale Cream

Vino Generoso de Licor


Vino Generoso de Licor


Vino Dulce Natural


Vino Dulce Natural

Pedro Ximénez