What is Copa Jerez

The Copa Jerez is an international gastronomic competition in which the chef and sommelier teams which, having won their respective national rounds in seven different countries, compete for the Copa Jerez. Each team must present the best marriage of a gastronomic menu with the wines of the Jerez region.

Every two years, after a first stage of preliminary heats in each one of the countries invited to participate, seven teams of chef and sommelier from outstanding restaurants from both sides of the Atlantic compete in the grand international final in the search for the perfect harmony of food and Sherry.

Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, United States, Holland and the United Kingdom each present their best candidates, among whom there are quite a few Michelin Stars, and they recreate and explain their heat-winning gastronomic menus to a panel of judges drawn from among the great names of international gastronomy.

Such famous names as Josep Roca, Jancis Robinson, Pontus Elofsson, Juli Soler, Martín Berasategui, Juan Mari Arzak or Heston Blumenthal have figured among the judges of the Copa Jerez.

The Rules and How It Works

The participants

Teams must consist of a chef and a sommelier who both work in an active restaurant or catering establishment.

The Sommelier

The Sommelier must select the wine which will be served with each dish and give a detailed description of it. He will then have to explain to the judges how the proposed match was chosen and why the wine and the dish work well together.

The Chef

The chef prepares the dishes to be served with each of the wines. He will be required to give a detailed description of each of the proposed recipes indicating the reasons why the texture and flavour of the food is the right match for the chosen wines.

The menu will consist of a starter, a main dish and a dessert.

The competitors must choose three Sherry wines, one to accompany each dish presented. They can choose any Sherry or Manzanilla from a bodega registered with the Consejo Regulador so long as there are no more than two wines from the same bodega.


The teams have 55 minutes to prepare each of their proposed food and Sherry matches:

  • The chef will prepare the three dishes for tasting.
  • The sommelier will prepare each chosen wine for perfect service.

Download Copa Jerez Rules


The teams must present and explain each of their matches to the panel of judges.

For that they will have ten minutes to:

  • Explain the dish
  • Present the selected wine
  • Justify the harmonies
  • Answer questions from the judges


The panel of judges will evaluate the different dishes presented and the menus as a whole according to:

  • The quality of the whole marriage menu
  • The level of harmony between each wine and dish
  • The justification by the team for each harmony

The Awards

Seven prizes will be awarded according to the following categories:

  • Winner of the Copa Jerez – Best Mariage Menu
  • Best Sommelier – Juli Soler Prize
  • Best Chef
  • Best Starter Marriage
  • Best Main Course Marriage
  • Best Dessert Marriage
  • Most Creative Marriage

Honor Roll

1ª Copa Jerez

United Kingdom


Notting Hill Brasserie


Patrice Guillon


Mark Jankel

2ª Copa Jerez

United Kingdom


Number One


James O’Donnell


Kevin Sutherland

3ª Copa Jerez



De Lindenhof


Cindy Borger


Jarno Eggen

4ª Copa Jerez



Casablanca, El Taller


Juan Luis García


Cayetano Gómez

5ª Copa Jerez





Alexander Kjølhede Berntsen


Jonathan Kjølhede Berntsen

6ª Copa Jerez

United States


15 Romolo


Ian J. Adams


Michelle Matthews



Podium onder de Dom


Goos van den Berg


Leon Mazairac

The Promoters

Fedejerez & The Sherry Wine Council

The principal purpose of the Federation of Bodegas of Jerez (Fedejerez) is the management and defence of the interests of the Associations of Wine, Brandy, Vinegar and Vineyard companies which count among its members, including both producers and exporters. Among its many promotional activities, since 2005 it has promoted and organised the international competition for gastronomic marriages with Sherry wines, the Copa Jerez, along with Sherry’s governing body, the Consejo Regulador de las Denominaciones de Origen Jerez-Xérès-Sherry, Manzanilla - Sanlúcar de Barrameda y Vinagre de Jerez. Its objectives are to attract the consumer to Sherry and Manzanilla wines through their perfect symbiosis with international gastronomy, to further knowledge of all the varieties of Sherry and their fantastic aptitude to match any dish and demonstrate their great potential on tables all over the world.
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