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COPA JEREZ - Meet the Team Falsed Kro Denmark

Published 08.5.2017   by SHERRY WINES   @sherrywines
Falsled Kro is a restaurant which boasts idyllic surroundings being situated in Millinge, a small hamlet on the island of Fyn, which is considered the “garden of Denmark. We catch up with the Danish team, Kasper Tind Hasse and Nicolai Michael Hyllested as they prepare for their trip to Jerez in June.

1. Describe Sherry in 3 Words

-  unique

-  diverse

-  fun

2. Do you have a philosophy when it comes to pairing Sherry with food, or for creating food to pair with Sherry?

To work with the unique flavors of the wine and the food.  

3. Why did you want to participate in Copa Jerez?

Because it's one of the few gastronomy contests in the world where the chef and sommelier have to work together to create something incredible.  

4. If you could serve your pairings from Copa Jerez anywhere in the world other than your restaurant

a. Where would it be?


b. Who would you like to serve them to?

Ferran Adria

c. What would the soundtrack be?

Heavy metal from the 80's

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