Casa Marcial**


Casa Marcial is a flagship of Spanish cuisine and the gastronomic emblem of Asturias. The restaurant has earned two Michelin Stars and three Repsol Suns as well as widespread recognition both in Spain and abroad. Its singularity is also based on its incomparable environment; the rural charm of the family home, its attractive décor and of course its gastronomic riches. The cuisine of Esther and Nacho Manzano is an extension of their understanding of life, squeezing together the place and its tradition to form a springboard for the creation of their own culinary language.

Gastronomic Menu

  • Pheasant and seaweed tortellini & Amontillado Viejo Zuleta / Bodegas Delgado Zuleta
  • Shredded salmon & Palo Cortado Solera Familiar / Bodegas Gutiérrez Colosía
  • Chocolate, mint and passion & Pedro Ximénez VORS / Bodegas Urium 

Meet the team



Matteo Pierazzoli

As head chef of Casa Marcial**, Matteo Pierazzoli is involved in the management and organisation of the kitchens of Esther and Nacho’s restaurants as well as the selection and training of cooks for the group. He originally came from Italy where he studied at the “Pellegrino Artusi” catering school at Riolo, Terme. Before joining Casa Marcial** he worked in the restaurant kitchens of Alboroque and Viavélez in Madrid and at Atrio** in Cáceres.


Juan Luis García

As sommelier at Casa Marcial** Juan Luis García is responsable for wine buying and the design of the wine lists for the restaurants owned by Esther and Nacho Manzano as well as sommelier training duties. He is a past president of the Murcia Sommeliers Association (2007-2011), Regional Champion Sommelier for Murcia (2003 and 2004) and Champion at the International Final of the IV Copa Jerez (2011). He is a well-known speaker and organiser of wine tastings in Spain.

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