The International Competition

VIII Copa Jerez

The Copa Jerez is an international gastronomic competition in which the chef and sommelier teams which, having won their respective national rounds in seven different countries, compete for the Copa Jerez. Each team must present the best marriage of a gastronomic menu with the wines of the Jerez region.


Teams must consist of a chef and a sommelier who both work in an active restaurant or catering establishment.

The Sommelier

The Sommelier must select the wine which will be served with each dish and give a detailed description of it. He will then have to explain to the judges how the proposed match was chosen and why the wine and the dish work well together.

The Chef

The chef prepares the dishes to be served with each of the wines. He will be required to give a detailed description of each of the proposed recipes indicating the reasons why the texture and flavour of the food is the right match for the chosen wines.

The Competition

Each winning team from the 7 participating countries will have to recreate and justify their menus, consisting of three dishes (starter, main dish and dessert) to a panel of judges who are experts in wine and gastronomy. The teams must convince the judges that the proposed menu represents a perfect match with the Sherry selected.

Wines and Raw Materials

The wines

Participants may propose any Sherry or Manzanilla they choose, providing that it comes from a bodega which belongs to the Denomination of Origin Vinos de Jerez or Manzanilla Sanlúcar de Barrameda.

The wines will be supplied by the organisers of the competition in each country: two bottles of each wine, one for service and one for photography.

Raw materials

Each team will have to supply its own raw materials to make the three dishes of the menu. The number of tasting dishes to be made will depend on the number of judges in the panel, and one extra will be required for photography.

Rules for preparation and presentation 


Preparation, cooking and plating up of the various dishes must be done on the same day as the competition and according to the timetable attached.

The teams will have 50 minutes for the preparation of each dish.

The preparation of dishes must be done entirely during the competition and at the stipulated times.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If any of the proposed recipes includes an ingredient whose preparation requires more time than that indicated, and its use is entirely justifiable, the teams must inform the organisers beforehand so that the use of such an ingredient and its pre-preparation can be approved.

The sommelier will be allowed to assist the chef in the preparation of the dishes.

At the same time service staff from the Hotel and Catering School – given that the competition takes place at a Hotel and Catering School – will be on hand to help participants find all the necessary equipment and utensils the School has.

Tasting dishes to be prepared:

Each team will have to prepare X mini rations of each of their three dishes according to the number of judges on the panel, and an extra one for photography.

Presentation to the judges

The order of presentation to the judges will be decided by a draw beforehand.

The presentations will take place throughout the morning in alternating order by teams and according to the order of the draw: the three starters, the three main dishes and the three desserts.

One of the organisers will control preparation times and will advise the teams of the time remaining before each presentation.

Service to the judges:

The sommelier will serve the wine to the judges before the arrival of the food.

Thereupon the dishes will be served to each judge, for which the teams will have two waiting staff at their disposal either provided by the Hotel and Catering School or the organisers.

Changes between one service and the next (plates, glasses etc.) will be carried out by staff provided by the Hotel and Catering School or the organisers.

Presentation to the judges:

Once the dishes have been served, the judges will begin their tasting, and at the same time the teams will explain and justify their pairings:

Each team will have between five and ten minutes for their presentation to the judges which will consist of:

  • Presentation and explanation of the dish by the chef
  • Presentation of the chosen wine by the sommelier
  • Justification of the pairing by both
  • Answering any questions from the judges

Dishes and cutlery:

For the service of their menus to the judges, participants will have the use of the standard dishes, cutlery white wine glasses of the Hotel and Catering School or that of the organisers.

The Awards

  • Grand Copa Jerez Prize for the best wine and food menu
  • The Juli Soler prize for the best sommelier
  • Best chef
  • Best wine and food match for the starter
  • Best wine and food match for the main dish
  • Best wine and food match for the dessert
  • The most creative wine and food match
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