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Copa Jerez 2017
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The restaurant Humphrey, created by chef Yannick Van Aeken and located right in the heart of Brussels, first opened its doors in 2016. Here one can taste exquisite interpretations of the cuisine of the Philippines as well as new and daring culinary adventures still to be discovered. The name of the restaurant refers to the legendary actor in the famous film “Casablanca”, Humphrey Bogart.

Falsled Kro / Sortebro Kro


Falsled Kro is a restaurant which boasts idyllic surroundings being situated in Millinge, a small hamlet on the island of Fyn, which is considered the “garden of Denmark. The restaurant, which is part of Relais & Châteaux, is built in classical style and is known for its elegant, French inspired cuisine, based on local seasonal ingredients.




Ödenturm is a small family run establishment which specialises in the use of local and seasonal produce in the creation of honest, traditional cooking, full of flavour. One thing they are particularly proud of is their extensive wine list, the quality of which is the equal of the dishes created by chef Brigitte Berghammer-Hunger. The expert advice of sommelier Martina Schierer gives diners a terrific opportunity to enjoy a great gastronomic experience in which they can discover delicious harmonies.

Podium onder de Dom


Podium onder de Dom is located in a historic building in the city of Utrecht. Under the motto "the complex is simple" is cooked from the "simplicity" of fresh produce of the highest quality to prepare everything daily, from bread to desserts. Wine also plays a very important role in the restaurant, which has 200 references and a great focus on food and wine pairings.

Casa Marcial**


Casa Marcial** is a flagship of Spanish cuisine and the gastronomic emblem of Asturias. The restaurant has earned two Michelin Stars and three Repsol Suns as well as widespread recognition both in Spain and abroad. Its singularity is also based on its incomparable environment; the rural charm of the family home, its attractive décor and of course its gastronomic riches. The cuisine of Esther and Nacho Manzano is an extension of their understanding of life, squeezing together the place and its tradition to form a springboard for the creation of their own culinary language.

The Ritz London*

United Kingdom

Founded by one of the most influential chefs in history, Auguste Escoffier, the Ritz London* holds one Michelin Star and stands as a magnificent bastion of classic gastronomic culture. For many it has the most beautiful dining room in the world with its colossal marble columns and immense windows which stretch to the ceiling which is adorned with enormous kaleidoscopic frescoes.

En Rama

United States of America

En Rama occupies a distinguished position in the gastronomic scene of New York as a pop-up Sherry Bar. The wine list offers Sherry exclusively with an average selection of seven different types. At each pop-up edition an invited chef creates a small menu of dishes which harmonise with the wines on the list. En Rama also collaborates with other establishments like Tertulia and organises events, both in New York and in other cities of the United States.


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