Quantities of wine extracted from the solera and destined for consumption.


Boiled must, similar to arrope, but in which the volume has been reduced by only a third of the original quantity of liquid.

Serpia (alumbra, pileta): 

Digging holes and/or banking up soil between the rows of vines to form reservoirs to catch and retain rainwater.// Acad. Slender, sterile shoot put out by vines low down and close to the trunk.// Acad. Digging out.


Term applied to must that has just been fortified for various purposes, and which from then on is referred to as wine.


Sunning. Exposing grapes to the sun so that they become raisined.// Acad. (And.) Gathering up the olives that have fallen naturally from the tree or been blown off by the wind.


First, floor-level, scale in a criadera and solera system, from which wine ready for consumption is extracted.// Mar. Flat surface or level area made up of planks or one single sheet of wood to serve as a base for something.// Acad. Piece of timber placed flat on stonework so that others can rest or be stacked on it, etc.// Acad. (And.)Madre or lees of wine.