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Bell's Diner & Bar Rooms

Bristol, United Kingdom

Bell's Diner and Bar Rooms is the latest incarnation of Bristol's beloved Bell's Diner, which first opened in 1976 and has remained one of Bristol’s best-loved restaurants ever since. We are proud to have continued flying the Bell’s flag since we took over in May 2013 with a team which has its roots in Rocinantes and Quartier Vert and brings to Bell's the same relaxed enthusiasm for getting knees under a table to eat, drink and have a good time.

Our food is probably best described as being Modern Mediterranean. It is inspired by the robust, flavoursome cooking of Spain, North Africa, Italy and France in which top quality ingredients are treated simply and put together in clever combinations.

Sherry remains a love of ours and we’re thrilled to have taken on wines made by Alvear, who have been making sherries in the Montilla-Moriles region since 1729. Pedro ximenez is their grape of choice and they make it into all styles of stunning sherries.

Venue name
Bell's Diner & Bar Rooms
1 - 3 York Road, Montpelier
United Kingdom

At Bell's we take our drink as seriously as our food. That to say, we like lovely things that lift the spirit, nurture the soul and offer something a little bit different.

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