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Willi's Wine Bar

paris, France

Willi’s is about simple pleasures...of course I include art & wine. Willi’s is unusual & boldly youthful - for its age. This place is as much about tastes, discovery, wellbeing, shared ambience as about any currently perceived correctness.
Willi’s vinous offerings while being strongly pro French, remains attuned to the individuality of other pastures, frequently landing up on the side of the ‘underdogs’ of the wine world.

Venue name
Willi's Wine Bar
willi's Wine Bar
13 rue des petits champs
75001 paris
Our recommended Sherry Cocktail

Bloody Cherie

sherry is best - when good - pure & simple, just like me. Should you need a cocktail then try splashing a bit of oloroso - in the winter - to fino - in the summer - into your bloody mary

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