Why not…let yourself be surprised by the endless food and wine pairing potential of Sherry Wines?

Whether you fancy traditional tapas or cutting-edge creations, roasts or casseroles, seafood or salads, Sherry Wines offer the most amazing and delicious pairing options.

Fino with smoked salmon, Manzanilla with prawns, Amontillado with partridge, Oloroso with steak pie, Palo Cortado with gourmet sausages & mash, Cream with paté, Moscatel with lemon tart, Pedro Ximénez with stilton.  And these are just a few of the many options that await you!

Sherry Wines are ideal for pairing. Try them and be delightfully surprised! Dishes from land or sea, hot or cold, raw or cooked… smoked, spicy, marinated, pickled or salt-cured…mild, sharp, sweet or savoury.  There’s a perfect Sherry Wine to match each one… and good reason to celebrate this feast for your senses.

Sherry Wines Like No Other

So many pairing options, so many great moments to savour with Sherry Wines

Sherry Wine Food Pairing Guide

Food Pairing Guide

Whatever the dish, where it’s from, how it’s made or even the place and time.  What really matters is creating harmonious sensations, finding fascinating new flavours, having a wholly unique food & wine pairing experience. That’s what we call the perfect match!

There’s a unique pleasure in discovering new pairings. As you embark upon your quest, use our Food & Sherry Wine Pairing Guide to help you unveil some of the most amazing options that Sherry Wines and Manzanilla have to offer.

Why not…find out why these wines are like no other?



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