London summer with a different flavour

What taste a Fino Sherry & Tapa or a Cream & Orange cocktail at the Shoreditch and Peckham Rooftop Cinema Clubs?

Come and taste Sherry Wines while watching a good film at the Shoreditch and Peckham Rooftop Cinema Clubs. An exciting sensorial journey that will take you to Southern Spain, ambling around vineyards and centenary-old wineries where the magic of Fino, Manzanilla and Cream happens in oak casks.

You’ll be able to taste a glass of Fino paired with a typical Spanish tapa of Iberian ham or a refreshing Cream & Orange cocktail, enjoying the best company at an open air cinema. Tempting, right?

From 23 to 30 June, get ready to live a truly unique experience with Sherry Wines.

What if... you find out why Sherry wines aren't like any other wine?


This is a dry and delicate wine, perfect to accompany all kinds of dishes and ideal to serve with a good tapa. Pair your seafood appetizer, fish, cold cuts or salads with a cold glass of Manzanilla.


This is a dry and light wine that is full of nuances. When you taste it you will experience an intensely refreshing sensation. Enjoy a glass of Fino with an Iberian ham, cured pork loin or anchovies tapa.


Sweet, pleasant and velvety on the palate...Which is why they also call it Sweet Oloroso. Hold a glass of Cream when you have foie gras, a good cheese and nuts on your dinner table. Enhance and draw out your favourite flavours.

Fino & Mint


If you've been to Andalucia during the Springtime fairs you surely would have tried the Rebjuito.  Refresh your appetite with the Rebujito & Mint. Savor the mixture of sweet and floral notes of Manzanilla with lime and fresh mint. You can imagine it, but it is better to try it.

Our bartender explains how to do it.

Cream & Tea


Can you imagine something sweet and fresh at the same time? We can, that's why we created the Cream & Tea. A combination of sweet toasted flavors and citrus.

Discover how to have a different appetizer from our bartender.



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