Cream Sherry: the most refined sweet touch.

Appetising with even the most unexpected pairings, Cream is a delightfully fresh, semi-sweet Sherry Wine.

If you’re drawn to sweet flavours but also fancy blue cheese, paté or game with intensely spicy or fruity sauces, you´ll love this gem of a Sherry Wine. Perfect with Christmas pies or Christmas pudding.

Cream Sherry has a lovely chestnut to dark mahogany colour and conveys delightfully toasty aromas, almond nougat, caramel and nuts…and is deliciously long and elegant on the palate. As with all liquor wines, Cream is perfect if served chilled.

Be ready to enjoy its incredible silky smoothness.


So many pairing options, so many great moments to savour with Sherry Wines

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Sherry Wine Food Pairing Guide

Food Pairing Guide

Whatever the dish, no matter where it’s from, how it’s made or even the place and time.  What really matters is creating harmonious sensations, finding fascinating new flavours and having a wholly unique food & wine pairing experience. That’s what we call the perfect match!

There’s a special pleasure in discovering new culinary combinations. As you embark upon your quest, use our Sherry Wine Pairing Guide to help you unveil some of the most amazing options that Sherry Wines and Manzanilla have to offer.

Why not treat yourself to this adventure?

Sherry Spots

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