Sherry Cocktails are Bang on Trend for 2017

Published 10.1.2017   by SHERRY WINES UK   @SherryWinesUK
What will the New Booze trends be for 2017? With Bartenders continually searching for new and inventive ingredients, is Sherry about to become the next big thing?

According to the Daily Telegraph "Forget Bristol Cream; the cocktails at El Gato Negro in Manchester and at Merchants Tavern and 45 Jermyn Street in London focus on dry styles." “Sherry adds an unusual, dry edge to a cocktail,” says 45 Jermyn Street’s head barman, Patrick Coyle.

Whilst this may be an emerging trend across the county, Sherry cocktails have been a key feature of El Gato Negro since it opened early in 2016. As longstanding supporters of Internatonal Sherry Week it seemd an obvious choice for Bartender Adam Day to create Sherry cocktails especially for Sherry Week.

Sherry Cocktail Masterclass
Sherry Cocktail Masterclass Lining them up!
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Pimiento Fino
Pimiento Fino
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Sherry Cocktails
Sherry Cocktails The big trend of 2017?
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Food Pairing with Cocktails
Food Pairing Specially selected tapas to accompany Sherry cocktails.
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As part of one of the International Sherry Week Official launch events, Adam and his team performed a Sherry Cocktail Masterclass showcasing the versatility of these wonderful wines in varying styles of cocktails.  They also paired small tapas with each cocktail to show how food pairing isnt just for Wines and fine dining, savoury flavours in cocktails can also be the perfect partner.

So take a look at these fabulous recipes, featuirng muddled tomatoes and home made Padron Pepper Liqueur... innovative, styllish, flavoursome .... sounds like a trend we can get on board with!

Pimiento Fino

Chamomile Snapper


You can read the Telegraph's full predictions on what's hot and what's not in the food and drink scene in their online edition here.

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