Sherry Marathon 2017

Published 25.2.2017   by SHERRY WINES   @sherrywines
The I edition of the Sherry Marathon will take place on the 30th April and will combine two different stretches, one through the city and one through the Sherry vineyards.

This is a unique and pioneering event which adds new value to both our urban and rural landscapes. In parallel there will also be a 10 kilometre race which will start and finish at Luz Shopping centre. 

The international tourism fair Fitur celebrated in Madrid saw the presentation of the first edition of the Sherry Marathon which will take place on the 30th April, and at least 2,000 runners are expected to take part. Jerez City Council, the Consejo Regulador and the Regional Council for Cádiz are collaborating in the organisation of the event. A parallel event, a 10 kilometre race starting and finishing at Luz Shopping centre, will also take place. Meanwhile the Marathon itself will set off instead from the González Hontoria Park but also finish at Luz Shopping. 

Those present at the presentation in Madrid included Francisco Camas, Jerez city councillor for town planning, culture, heritage and security; Jaime Armario, regional councillor for economic development and citizen services; David de la Encina, mayor of El Puerto de Santa María; César Saldaña, director of the Consejo Regulador and José Manuel Toledo of the organisers, Terra Incógnita Sports. 

Francisco Camas underlined that “the Sherry Marathon is an initiative which puts great value on the diversity of the territory of our municipality as it unites both urban and rural stretches. It also demonstrates how close the city is to its countryside, and both are recognised tourist attractions. The Sherry Marathon is synonymous with bringing them together and is a really pioneering initiative precisely because of this combination making this form of marathon unique and one which only Jerez can offer”. 

The councillor went on to emphasise that

it will allow the runners to enjoy a real experience of nature in the incomparable countryside of the vineyards of Jerez, where every footstep is unique and every impression is different to what marathon runners are used to. It is a real experience of Jerez in every way. The fact that runners will be able to try local products at the refreshment stops will make the experience even more unique. 

José Manuel Toledo stressed that “right from the start everyone has been predisposed towards getting the project off the ground: the Regional Council, the City Council, the Junta de Andalucía and the Consejo Regulador. The marathon covers 42 kilometres, as everybody knows, and will combine urban and rural environments of which 30 kilometres will be in the vineyards. There is also, of course, the 10 kilometre race which is suitable for all members of the public.” 

The refreshment stops will be located in the Macharnudo Bajo, Macharnudo Alto, Carrascal and Urbaneja vineyards. Not only that, but the organisers are studying the idea of setting up three further refreshment stops with wine festivals at the Cerroviejo, Castillo de Macharnudo and Finca Canariera vineyards, so the public can enjoy watching the runners go by. 

Anyone wishing to sign up for these events can do so at: Sherry Maratón



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