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Published 09.11.2017   by SHERRY WINES   @sherrywines
With the hashtag #SherryTT, Sherry is setting the trend on the Twitter social network.

Jerez, 8th November 2017. On Tuesday the Twitter Sherry tasting on #SherryTT organised by Ruben Luyten of Sherry Notes took place with great success. Taking part were representatives of the Consejo Regulador, Chelsea Anthon, the promoter of International Sherry Week with her team, representatives of the bodegas Maestro Sierra, González Byass and Yuste, along with 15 bloggers from Canada the United Kingdom, Belgium, France, Germany, Holland, Spain, Sweden, Mexico, the United States and Ireland among other countries. The tweeters were tasting and tweeting at the same time, trying five exceptional wines suggested by four prestigious sommeliers:

•             Gerard Bassett UK: Fino Tres Palmas 2016 (Bodegas González Byass)

•             François Chartier Canada: Fino La Panesa (Bodegas Emilio Hidalgo)

•             Gianluca Di Taranto: Palo Cortado  (Bodegas El Maestro Sierra)

•             Mertixell Falgueras: Conde de Aldama Palo Cortado (Bodegas Yuste)

•             Ruben Luyten: Oloroso Old & Rare (Bodegas Sanchez Romate)


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The hashtag chosen for the second consecutive year was #SherryTT, and it caught the attention of the #sherrylovers with 1053 tweets, making International Sherry Week a Twitter Trending Topic for an hour with 6,279,956 impressions.

Sherry Week, which is being celebrated till Sunday 12th November has once again shown a marked and enthusiastic resurgence in the wines of Jerez from the great bodegas, oenologists, small producers, chefs and Sherry lovers who have made a colossal impact on the digital world.

In the field of international wine production, Sherry’s online strategy highlights its pioneering use of the social networks, creating a new social language around these unique wines. Aficionados of Sherry, known as #sherrylovers, have made this event into a global talking point.


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