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The Sherry Women

In recognition of women and their contribution to the world this International Women’s Day, let’s give a thought to the very many women involved in the world of wine.

Champagne alone had the legendary Veuve Clicquot, Lily Bollinger and Louise Pommery, but the Marco de Jerez has not lacked for heroines either and below are just some of the many famous names which have helped Sherry become great.

From the Past:  

Pilar Aranda: Highly skilled Almacenista, her bodega is now Álvaro Domecq in Jerez
Viuda Harmony: Inherited and ran the Pedro X Harmony bodegas in El Puerto de Santa María
Viuda Manjón: Produced Manzanilla El Rocío in Sanlúcar, her daughter Regla later ran the bodega
Josefa Pérez Rosado: Almacenista in Jerez, her bodega is now Urium
Aurora Ambrosy Lacave:  Ran the Pedro Romero bodega in Sanlúcar after Pedro’s  death

The current “bodegueras” and winemakers: 

Pilar Pla Pechovierto & her daughter María del Carmen Borrego: Owners of Bodegas Maestro Sierra
Ana Cabestrero Ortega: Oenologist at Bodegas Maestro Sierra
Esperanza Páez Morilla: President Bodegas Páez Morilla which own Bodegas Dios Baco
Maribel Estévez: Oenologist Grupo Estévez famous for her work on flor genome and histamines
Paola Medina: Oenologist at Williams & Humbert, creator of the famous Vintage Fino
Montserrat Molina: Oenologist at Barbadillo responsible for table wine, sparkling wine and Sherry
Reyes Gómez: Technical director and oenologist at Sánchez Romate
Rocío Ruiz: Oenologist/joint owner Bodegas Urium
Carmen Pau: Commercial Director Bodegas Gutierrez Colosia
Carmen Romero: Former oenologist and director for Aecovi  
Helena Rivero: President Bodegas Tradicion
María Pilar García de Velasco: 8th generation owner of Bodegas La Cigarrera
María Jiménez García: Owner Bodegas Blanca Reyes

The executives: 

Carmen Aumesquet: Promotional Director El Consejo Regulador Jerez-Xeres-Sherry 
Patricia de la Puerta: General Secretary Fedejerez 
Belén Roldan Vega: Promotions and Social Media Spain El Consejo Regulador Jerez-Xeres-Sherry 
Alejandra Paez: Commercial Director Bodegas Dios Baco  
Fátima Ruiz Lassaletta: Worked for Rumasa, Unión de Exportadores, now a writer
Vicky González Gordon: International marketing manager at González Byass
Marina García González: International marketing González Byass and president of Sherry Women
Cristina Medina:  Communication Director, Williams & Humbert
Millie Swithinbank: Secretary to Don Guido and PR chief Williams & Humbert, British vice consul
Marta Ferguson: Administration at Harveys ( Beam, now Bodegas Fundador)
Eugenia Herrera: Sales manager Harveys ( Beam, now Bodegas Fundador)
Jane Ward: Former Export director Bodegas Lustau 
Angeline Bayley: Campaign Director Sherry Wines UK
Chelsea Anthon: Founder, International Sherry Week 

Writers and Bloggers: 

Paz Ivison:  Journalist from Jerez and on Jerez
Talia Baiocchi: “A Modern Guide to Sherry”
Ana María Gómez: “La Manzanilla, Historia y Cultura”
Sophie Lignon-Darmaillac": “Les Grandes Maisons du Vignoble de Jerez (1834-1992)
Paula Maclean: Blogger "Jerez-Xeres-Sherry"
Helen Highley: Blogger "Criadera"  
Annie Bs Spanish Kitchen: Culinary classes with Sherry pairings

The clubs: 

@SherryWomen founded by Sara Peñas & chums in Madrid now over 60 members
Asociación de Mujeres Amantes de la Cultura del Vino (AMAVI)  Virginia Miller organises visits tastings etc in the area.  

Article written by Paula Maclean for Sherry Wines. 

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08 March 2018
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