The Prospector

Starring Amontillado

The reason The Prospector stands out is because of the complexity. You are able to notice every element in the cocktail, the nuttiness from the Amontillado, the herbaceousness from the Benedictine and Chartreuse, and the acid and green grape note shines in the sherry and the Verjus. I feel that these elements help balance the Hangtown Fry we have on the brunch menu complementing the flavours. The nuttiness as mentions plays well with a house smoked pork jowl we use in substitute for bacon, the herbaceousness  pushes the oysters forward along, the acid cuts right through the fat in the dish, and the sweet aspect of the cocktail is balanced by the bitterness of the rapini. Oh and Sherry and eggs...that's a match in heaven! 

When to have it: 
But by no means is this just a brunch cocktail; instead it is a lower proof stirred libation, that can be enjoyed anytime, especially before dinner too.

With what:
The Prospector was created with easy drinking and approachability in mind. I also drew inspiration with the Hangtown Fry we have on the brunch menu here at Kinmont in Chicago.  Sunday Brunch here in Chicago is a staple in the community, and people often are found waiting for tables at their favourite restaurants... Rain or shine, snow or wind. It's always comforting, not pretentious, it's about the food and the beverage; something hearty, and something bright.


1 1/4 oz 
La Garrocha Amontillado Sherry
1/2 oz 
Fusion Verjus Blanc
1/2 oz 
Yellow Chartreuse
1/2 oz 
Lemon peel and candied olive.


Construct skillfully the 4 ingredients in a mixing glass.

Stir for about 20 seconds with hoshizaki cubes until balanced.

Strain elaborately into a simple chilled Double Old Fashioned glass.

Express lemon oil around the cocktail for sensory appreciation and added complexity. Place peel on top of the glass, and balance a candied olive for garnish.

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serving and consuming

Pairing Amontillado with food

Amontillado moet geserveerd worden op een temperatuur tussen 12 en 14º C.

Het is een ideale wijn als begeleider van diverse soorten soepen, wit vlees, blauwe vis (tonijn), wilde paddenstoelen en half belegen kazen.

Het combineert perfect met groenten zoals asperges en artisjok.



Amontillado fast facts

Probleemloos voor langere tijd houdbaar

In verband door de unieke samenstelling, kan deze wijn ondanks opening, nog maanden bewaard worden.

Droog en intens

Zijn droge en intense smaak past zich eenvoudig aan bij moelijke en riskante combinaties.

Licht gekoeld in een witte wijnglas

Serveer het tussen 12° en 14° C in een witte wijnglas.

Analytic data

  • Alcoholgehalte Tussen 16 and 22% vol.
  • suiker < 5 gr. / liter (normaliter < 1 gr. per liter)
  • zuurgraad 4 - 6 gr. / liter
  • zuurgehalte < 0,8 gr. / liter
  • Erg laag in Gylcerine inhoud 3 - 5 gr. / liter
Tyler Lymer , Kinmont Chicago, IL United States
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