Meet the maker

Salvador Espinosa Rodríguez

Bodega Diez Merito - Viticultor y bodeguero

Hoe lang werk je al met Sherry en sinds wanneer werk je bij deze bodega?

From an early age I grew up in the vineyards and have been involved in the world of bodegas since 2014 when I was elected president of the Nuestra Señora de las Angustias Cooperative. Later, in March 2016, my family acquired Bodegas Diez Mérito and incorporated them with our vineyards to form the new company Bodegas y Viñedos Diez Mérito.

Waarom wilde je graag Sherry wijnmaker worden?

I had the great fortune to live surrounded by the world of wine since I was a boy, and I remember my childhood in our vineyard, Viña El Caribe, continually sneaking along behind our manager Manué. I have always been passionate about this world. Now I have the honour of running one of the most emblematic bodegas in Jerez where two wines are made which could be called oenological treasures of the Sherry region; Fino Imperial VORS and Oloroso Victoria Regina VORS.

Op welke wijn ben je het meest trots en waarom?

Personally I am very proud of them all. This last year we have received important recognition of our wines and among them I am especially proud of our Amontillado Pemartín which won a  Bacchus De Oro, one of only 12 awarded, and also our Oloroso Victoria Regina which won the Best Oloroso trophy at the International Wine Challenge.

Wat is je favoriete Sherry en waarom?

There is no doubt that my favourite is Amontillado. They say it is the wine we Jerezanos drink, and I especially love it for its complexity derived from both biological and oxidative ageing.

Wat is je favoriete Sherry wijn – spijs combinatie?

Any of them since the wines of Jerez are without doubt the most versatile in the world capable of matching any kind of food, even perfectly accompanying dishes which no other wine in the world would be able to match.

Sherry is zo uniek ten opzichte van andere wijnen – welk Sherry feit vind je het meest interessant?

It is a unique wine which can only be produced in this corner of Andalucía where the combination of our albariza soils with the Levante and Poniente winds gives us the good fortune to be able to make a wine which is unequalled in the world.

Welke plannen voor innovatie en ontwikkeling heb je en hoe zie je de toekomst van Sherry?

Our bodega has been undergoing commercial expansion since we rescued it from a long period of relative inactivity and it is now giving us great pleasure and satisfaction. The future of Sherry depends on the sale of quality products which are in increasing demand from consumers who are ever more curious and interested in learning about and enjoying our wines.

Wat zijn je vroegste herinneringen aan Sherry wijnen?

My earliest memories are of my childhood during the harvest and of helping my father in a tiny bodega which we had in the house with an extremely old Oloroso solera, checking and analysing the wines which were impregnating me with their aromas and also, sometimes, their flavours. 

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Bodega Diez Merito

Geregistreerde naam: Bodega Díez Mérito s.l.

The Bodega Díez Mérito maintains one of the most iconic sites in Jerez, the Bodega Bertemati, a majestic building from 1730 that owes its name to one of its first owners the Marquis of Misa. During a visit to the bodega, visitors can enjoy a tour of its patios, gardens, and rooms, where they will be submerged in the history of the devleopment and ageing of the wines and brandies of Jerez. There they will be able to smell and feel the strength of the one of the oldest wines in the world, the prestigious Fino Imperial, whose soleras and criaderas date back to 1876.

Principle Brands

Pedro Xímenez
Bodega Diez Merito
C/Diego Fernández de Herrera,4 11401 Jerez de la Frontera Cádiz Spain
956 332 973/ 660 233 438
956 332 973/ 660 233 438


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