6-12 November

Sherry week / United Kingdom / London

International Sherry Week: an introduction to Sherry

Sherry Tasting


You have heard about it in the works of Shakespeare and seen it in the back of your nan's drinks cabinet, but despite common misconceptions, the production of sherry is steeped in centuries of tradition and history, and the drink has a lot to offer modern wine lovers. In this tasting, we'll explore the wine's turbulent history, uncover the intricate methods used to produce these wines, and sample a range of styles from fresh Finos to oxidised Oloroso and everything in between. Join Sam Povey to experience the mind-bending flavours that these wines have to offer and try your hand at creating gastronomic pairings with snacks from Spain and beyond, such as Jamón ibérico, sheep's milk Manchego and marcona almonds. This tasting is ideal for anyone curious to learn more about the wines of the region. No prior knowledge of sherry necessary.

Example wine list > Navazos-Niepoort - Blanco 2018 > Waitrose No.1 - 'Don Luis' Fino Del Puerto > Barbadillo - Manzanilla Pasada en Rama > Sánchez Romate - 'Cayetano del Pino' Palo Cortado > Morrison's - 'The Best' Oloroso > Harveys's - Bristol Cream > Bodegas Tradicion - Cream VOS.


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