6-12 November

Sherry week / Canada / Calgary

Not Your Grandma's Sherry Dinner with Sarah Boucher and Al Drinkle

Sherry Tasting


Sherry is Spain’s greatest wine, and food’s best friend. Above all else, one should embrace it at the table while foregoing the erroneous notion that all white wine is supposed to be pert, fresh and redolent of grapefruit or green apple. When a drinker abides their innate human love of savoury flavours, the glycerolic and umami-driven charm of sherry will benignly haunt them for the rest of their lives.

Sarah and Al are both rabid imbibers of sherry (their breath smells like sea breeze and pretty antiques!), and are obsessive about considerations of flavour. Furthermore, Sarah possesses inordinate culinary talents, weighing both cerebral and hedonistic facets of gastronomy as if by second nature. Interwoven with Al’s vinous tales, the two will take you on a dining adventure that shatters the stereotypes of sherry, while showcasing its singular talent for enhancing culinary traditions of disparate origins.

There’s really two kinds of people on this planet—those who love sherry, and those who don’t yet know that they love sherry. This dinner will appeal to both types, although the latter would be particularly well-served by attending.

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