6-12 November

Sherry week / United States of America / Brookline

November is Sherry Month at Taberna de Haro

Sherry Tasting, Sherry Cocktails


Sherry month November 2022 Because one week is simply not enough at Taberna de Haro!

Featuring: Nick Wickstrom on Spanish guitar nightly 11/7 to 11/13!

Flight of Four: ¡Todo Valdespino! •Fino Inocente •Amontillado Tio Diego •Oloroso Don Gonzalo VOS •Pedro Ximenez El Candado 2 oz pours; served with complimentary croquetas $30

Flight of Fanciness: Expensive and Worth It •Manzanilla Pasada La Cigarrera •Fino Tres Palmas •Pena del Aguila Palo Cortado VOS •El Maestro Sierra Oloroso 1/14 VORS 1 oz pours; served with complimentary marcona almonds $60

Flight of Focus: Nuances of Manzanilla •Manzanilla Fina Callejuela •Manzanilla en Rama Orleans Borbón •Manzanilla Pasada Pastrana •Manzanilla Sacristia AB 2 oz pours; served with complimentary Spanish olives $35

Sherry & Tapa Pairings •Manzanilla de la Riva - Bonito (imported from Spain) toast with roasted red pepper •Fino Puerto Fino - Fried white anchovies •Amontillado Cruz del Mar - Fried artichoke hearts, sea salt •Amontillado Contrabandista (sweet) - Payoyo cheese with warm walnuts & EVOO •Palo Cortado Leonor - Mojama (dried tuna) with sweet onion garnish •Oloroso Alfonso - Chorizo ibérico •Oloroso Dulce East India Solera - Fried & griddled eggplant with smoked flake salt •Moscatel Promesa - Apricot, goat cheese, & marcona almond bite 2 oz pours with tapa, each $10

Cocktails from our Unique gin & sherry bar Straight Law Bar offers over 90 sherries, making it the second largest sherry list in the world. Our gin offering is also quite substantial at 25 options, created to import the Gin Tonique craze of Spain. Deborah brought the goblet-style Gin & Tonic to Boston back in 2012, and the current bartenders (all women!!) of SLB have taken it to delicious and daring new heights. La Reina Ginger-infused Fino, Batavia Arrack, lemon, pear-honey syrup, amontillado float La Amandita Manzanilla, Ginbraltar, spiced sherry vinegar, pickled beet brine, orange juice; chamomile and orange king cube, pickled beet garnish La Gabriela Palo Cortado, espresso, Brovo aperitvo, Amaretto, date syrup, orange bitters GinTonique Sucia BCN Gin, Fino, brine, gilda of olive, anchovy, Spanish pickled pepper A Sherry Primer - when to drink sherry Remember, the vast majority of sherries are dry!

Manzanilla & Fino - the lightest, driest sherries; usually taken as an aperitif to cleanse the palate and open the appetite; pairing best with all things fishy, briny, salty, and tart.

Amontillado & Palo Cortado - amber-hued sherries with tang and pronounced character; taken before, during, or after the meal; pairing well with all meats & fowl. Dry Oloroso - profound, nutty, fragrant brown sherries; taken later in the evening; pairing beautify with soups, mushrooms, old cheeses, nuts, and dried fruits.

Sweet Sherries: Sweet Oloroso, Pedro Ximenez, & Moscatel - rich, fruity, & sweet, with citrus notes; taken after a meal; pairing nicely with dried fruit & nuts, creamy dessert.

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