6-12 November

Sherry week / United States of America / portland

Sherry and Conservas Class

Sherry Tasting


You walk into a bar and order a “sherry.” What are you going to get? Could be something crisp and light, or nutty with more body, or even lusciously sweet, as sherry can be so many (delicious, all of them) things.

👉 In this class we will demystify the many styles of sherry and then pair them with a wide variety of conservas - top quality tinned seafood. This is not cheap, supermarket “chicken of the sea”. Think different cuts of tuna, European razor clams, anchovies that will blow your mind, melt-in-your-mouth trout, mussels in spicy sauce…and perhaps some baby eels?

Tasting of eight sherry styles and eight different conservas. $95 per person (limit 12)

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