6-12 November

Sherry week / United Kingdom / London

Sherry Week at Bar Tozino

Sherry Tasting, Sherry Cocktails


Come visit us! Our offer:

From the Kitchen: Almejas "Clams cooked with Manzanilla " Champinones al Ajillo "Garlic Mushrooms cooked with Fino" Albondigas con Tomate "Beef & Pork meatballs in rich Oloroso tomato sauce" Queso Azul "Blue Cheese with PX reduction"

From the Bar: Rebujito "Refresing drink with Manzanila, Lemonade and fresh mint" From the Cellar: Manzanilla Fino Amontillado Seco Palo Cortado Oloroso Amontillado Medium Cream Pedro Ximenez

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