6-12 November

Sherry week / United States of America / San Francisco

Sherry Week Bingo

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See!? Sherry is a thing and we’re not that weird. In fact, we found ten other great bars and restaurants in the Bay Area that not only admitted to loving the stuff, but were also willing to indulge our need to try and gamify everything.

This year all throughout #sherryweek (November 7th-13th), our friends all over San Francisco and the East Bay will join us in providing all kinds of extra incentives for you to go out and enjoy sherry in its various forms. table Basics: like the sheet says Fine print: Pics or it didn’t happen. To redeem a square, you must have a photo or video of yourself performing the action described. (With rare exceptions) your server or bartender is not a bingo officiant, so please don’t make them stamp your sheet. Instead, do one of two things: Post it on Instagram (feed post, reel, or story), tagging the relevant business in the location and the @elloposf account. Gold stars if you also include #sherryweek and/or #sfsherryweek. El Lopo will keep track of your progress digitally and share your sheet in a story when you win. Or, for you boomers out there (who we still love very much), go to El Lopo in person, show us your photos, and we’ll stamp your physical sheet. An email to info@elloposf.com will work too.

A maximum of one square can be filled at a time. For example, although the bone marrow + sherry luge at Members Only happens to use a sherry from Sanlúcar, you’ll have to choose which of the two relevant squares on the board you want that to count for. While there are plenty of paths to bingo (any five filled squares in any straight or diagonal line), each player may only win once. Once a sheet has a winning line on it, consider it spent. But if you keep doing more sherry things after winning sherry bingo, we’ll say you win at life. Squares that are not tied to a specific location can be redeemed at some businesses not on this list, but they must at least be in the immediate Bay Area (SF, Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, and San Mateo counties only). If in doubt over whether something will qualify, reach out to @elloposf via direct message on Instagram. Squares can only be earned between the dates of Friday, 11/4 and Sunday, 11/13. Prizes: We anticipate multiple winners and that’s why there are multiple prizes.

However, most of these are unique prizes that will only be given away one time. The first person to win will have their pick of any prize on the list, and so on until they’re all gone. So don’t wait till the last minute! Please note that the list of prizes is subject to change, and prizes not yet claimed may be added or removed from this list at the discretion of the businesses donating them. Choose from… $50 gift card from ABV (1 remaining) Spanish goody basket from Canela (1 remaining) $75 gift card from El Lopo (2 remaining) Personal porron from 15 Romolo (1 remaining) $50 gift card from Octavia (1 remaining) Bottle of sherry from 15 Romolo (1 remaining) Five free glasses of sherry, one at each of the following on your next visit: 15 Romolo, Canela, El Lopo, Evil Eye, and Members Only (3 remaining) Free ticket to El Lopo’s next Take-Care-of-Me Night (2 remaining)

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