The Sherry Sessions with Carlie Steiner

Co-Owner, Beverage Director, Sherry Lover at Himitsu

If you were a Sherry wine, what drop would you be and why?

I would be a manzanilla because I'm young and salty.

What's your most memorable Sherry moment?

My most memorable sherry moment is being in Sanlucar after drinking all the sherry with a family member of Hildalgo La Gitana and then got drifted off to Bar Casa Balbino and shoved the best food in my mouth that I had in Spain. He was such a force of energy and made me feel so at home.

Where´s your favorite Sherry Spot and why?

In the states, there are a few incredible spots popping up but I will always follow Chantal Tseng wherever she goes to drink Sherry with her. Otherwise you can find me at my restaurant, Himitsu, where we serve all the sherry.

Why drink Sherry?

You should drink Sherry because its tasty as hell and currently way underpriced for it's level of quality. You should drink Sherry because it's one of the few wines that can still transport you to it's source with a single sip. You should drink Sherry because it gives you super powers. Maybe I lied on that last one but I am devoting my life to seeing if it's true.

How and where will you be celebrating International Sherry Week?

Hosting parties at Himitsu and in the neighborhood of Petworth, Washington DC and drinking as much sherry as I possibly can of course.
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