The Sherry Sessions with Jacob Grier

Bartender and Writer

If you were a Sherry wine, what drop would you be and why?

Oloroso, because I'm pretty sweet, but not too sweet.

What's your most memorable Sherry moment?

Any moment when I get to introduce someone to a sherry bone luge!

Where´s your favorite Sherry Spot and why?

Ataula in Portland, Oregon hits all the right notes: sherry, cocktails, great small bites, and a lively atmosphere.

Why drink Sherry?

I love the concentrated flavor and complexity of sherry, and the variance in the different styles means there's a sherry that pairs with almost anything.

How and where will you be celebrating International Sherry Week?

If all goes to plan, I'll be mixing sherry cocktails alongside my friends at Bar Casa Vale in Portland, likely followed by a sherry bone luge somewhere around town.
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International Sherry Week encourages responsible drinking & enjoying Sherry Wines in moderation. Proudly presented by Sherry.Wine


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