The Sherry Sessions with Jose "Chuck" Rivera

Bartender/Bar Owner

If you were a Sherry wine, what drop would you be and why?

Fascinated with Bodegas Hidalgo, Manzanilla La Gitana En Rama. More than being exclusive, it's a really complex flavorful Manzanilla. Versatile in so many ways in food pairings and how it plays with so many ingredients, makes this wine a special one for me.

What's your most memorable Sherry moment?

My most memorable Sherry day was when Jordi Paronella (TFG Sommelier - Jaleo D.C.) invited me to his house before leaving Washington D.C. For a surprise I didn't expect this guy cooking an amazing dinner. But what he did it was amazing, he cooked for all the Sherry wines we tasted that night. Plus he guided me to understand and LOVE Sherry. Night to remember.

Where´s your favorite Sherry Spot and why?

My favorite place to drink is in any Sherry Bodega. The aroma that those barrels reflects, makes an armory while you drink it. Looking at the Sommeliers using their Valencias, truly an art, and enjoy the aroma of the beach that is closed by. Spaniards also makes you feel home and definitely I want to call any Bodega as "HOME".

Why drink Sherry?

Sherry is a wine to enjoy with or without food, it has a selection from fresh and young to aged and exclusive, dry to sweet. It makes any plate or cocktail more tasteful and complex. It is definitely an amazing representation of Spain in a bottle.

How and where will you be celebrating International Sherry Week?

This Sherry Week I'll be drinking Bamboo's first at Jungle Bird that just launched their new menu with an amazing Sherry selection. Then I have a El Maestro Sierra Amontillado 12 años for a nightcap. Really hard to find Sherry in Puerto Rico but if you know me, my fridge is always packed with it!
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