The Sherry Sessions with Phoebe Esmon

Cocktail Program Director for Nightbell & Curate

If you were a Sherry wine, what drop would you be and why?

Probably a Palo Cortado. It is aromatic and elegant, but carries a little mystery with it.

What's your most memorable Sherry moment?

Sharing some beautiful sherry and some great laughs with a dear friend at the interstitial midnight between our birthdays last year.

Where´s your favorite Sherry Spot and why?

The truth is that my favorite Sherry spot is my kitchen counter at home, where I sit to eat dinner every night, generally with a glass of sherry. If I am going out, it's Cúrate for amazing Sherries and the food to go with them.

Why drink Sherry?

I think a better question would be why NOT drink Sherry. Sherry has become one of my favorite tipples. Whether on it's own with a meal, or as an ingredient in a cocktail, sherry has provided me with a whole arsenal of new flavor combinations and pairing possibilities.

How and where will you be celebrating International Sherry Week?

At home, and at work!
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International Sherry Week encourages responsible drinking & enjoying Sherry Wines in moderation. Proudly presented by Sherry.Wine


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