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Barro: Type of soil in which vines are planted, with a lower chalk content thanalbariza (maximum 30%), generally alluvial and therefore containing more organic material, darker-coloured and more fertile.
Batidero: Driving-slab, where the cask is beaten into shape.// Acad. A place for striking and beating.
Batir (la vasija): To use the thin end of a coopers hammer to drive home the hoops that shape the butt.// Acad. To strike.
Beber: The transfer of wine from the canoainto the butt.// Mar. To ship water (of a boat).// Acad. To cause a liquid to pass from the mouth to the stomach.
Bienteveo (Candelecho, bohío): Hut raised on legs used as a lookout post in the vineyard. Built at ground level, it is known as a bohío.// Acad. A hut raised on stakes, from which the vine-worker keeps an eye on, and guards, the whole vineyard.
Bina (binar): Tilling (to till). An operation that takes place in July consisting of cutting the soil and then flattening it until semi-compact. In Sanlúcar, this is done superficially at the end of the winter.// Acad. To carry out the second tilling in the vineyards.
Bizca: Adjective applied to a butt slightly out of line with its wooden supports or the butts alongside.// Acad. Describes a person with a squint.
Boca abajo: Face down. Position of a butt with the bunghole against the ground.
Boca arriba: Face up. Position of a butt when the bunghole is vertical to the floor.
Boca atrás (boca afuera): Facing backwards. Position of a butt when the bunghole is facing out from the loading-ramp timbers horizontal to the floor.
Boca (de bojo): Bunghole. Circular opening in the bulge of the butt.// Mar. Circular hole in the deck and mast-head, etc.// Acad. Entrance or exit.
Boca palo: Position of a butt when the bunghole is facing towards the loading-ramp timbers, horizontal to the floor.
Bocoy: Cask larger than the bodega butt, of varying shape and generally with a capacity of 40 arrobas.// Acad. Large storage barrel.
Bojo: Bulge or girth. Perimeter of the outside diameter of the butt at its widest point.// Mar. Extent of the circuit of an island or headland.
Bota: Butt. Wooden container in which sherry wine is aged, of various capacities and known by different names according to use.// Acad. Barrel for keeping wine and other liquids.
Bota a la bretona: A butt positioned on the ground ready for moving, with is long axis parallel to the row.// Mar. Way of stowing barrels in the hold; anything placed parallel from stem to stern.
Bota Bodeguera: Winery butt. The type used for operations inside the winery. Generally the bota gorda, though the term is often applied to very old butts that have lost their shape over time and whose capacity is not precisely known.
Bota de cañón: A butt positioned on the ground ready for moving, with its long axis perpendicular to the row
Bota de Exportación (or de Embarque): Shipping butt with a capacity of 30arrobas or 500 litres.
Bota del gasto: Butt of wine for consumption at any time by the winery workmen.
Bota Gorda: Large butt. The type generally used in the winery for ageing wine, with a capacity of 36 arrobas or 600 litres.