Aist Restaurant


“Aist” is a Restaurant-cafe on the intersection of Malaya and Bol'shaya Bronnaya with its fashionable interior from Eugene Mitta, traditional top service from Arkady Novikov and delicious food from Umberto Rocca. It is fashionable and comfortable on the first floor of cafe "Aist" where everything is subordinated to the logic of space - a chamber but at the same time open. On the second floor of the detached house is the restaurant “Aist” with contemporary fusion cuisine. The Summery al fresco terrace on the roof is a masterpiece. In spring the guests enjoy a dazzling landscape: all the touching beauty of the old uneven streets of central Moscow is one of the most pleasant impressions the city can make.

Sherry Wine Pairing

We combine sherry wine with different type of dishes.