Alessandra Fedi

Italy / Milano / Milan

Alessandra Fedi

Alessandra is a WSET Certified Educator who developed her taste for wine through wine classes, and even more through her strong passion for travelling extensively among the beautiful vineyards of Italy and Europe.

Alessandra is now at stage 2 of her Master of Wine Programme.

She holds the Diploma of the Wine & Spirits Education Trust in London and is a Certified Sommelier and an Official Wine Taster with the Italian Sommelier Association. This in addition to having the post-qualification master’s degree in management and communication of wine from Alma, Scuola Internazionale di Cucina at Colorno, Parma and holding an MA in Political Science from Università degli Studi di Milano.

Born in Milan, city of style and glamour, she has expanded her international ‘boutique’ wine business into the fields of education and consultancy, thus turning her passion into a job. Alessandra specializes in wine education both for wine enthusiasts and for professionals across the world by offering the prestigious WSET-approved courses. She also serves as a judge in international wine competitions (such as the IWSC International Wine and Spirit Competition and the IWC International Wine Challenge), consults on private cellars, and works with corporate teams to help the trade to build wine awareness.