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Pale Cream


Although the evolution of wine under flor produces a crisp light and delicate style, it also accentuates the sensation of dryness. Pale Cream is a sherry for those who appreciate flor wines, but prefer them to have some sweetness and smoothness.

Tasting Notes

Ranging from yellow straw to pale gold in colour. In the nose it shares the sharp bouquet of biologically aged wine, with hints of hazelnut and dough received from the flor.
Light and fresh in the mouth but with a delicate sweetness which is pleasant on the palate and reduces the bitter aftertaste of biologically aged wines, which are naturally very dry.

Did You know

Pale Cream is a relatively recent addition to the range of sherries compared to the more traditional styles. Unlike the other blended wines which have a long tradition linked to trade with Britain, Pale Cream was only incorporated into the legislation governing the Denominación de Origen as recently as the 1960s.

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Production and Ageing

Pale Cream is a vino generoso de licor produced from biologically aged wine (Fino or Manzanilla) to which concentrated rectified must is added in order to create a touch of sweetness to mitigate the original dry sensation of the wine.

The use of concentrated rectified must as a sweetener, a product made from grapes and which consists exclusively of the sugars and juices extracted from the same, is generally preferred to the use of naturally sweet wines, as this allows the conservation of the characteristic original pale yellow colour in the final blending.

Serving and consuming

Pale Cream with food

Pale Cream must be served chilled, at around 7º C.

The ideal wine to pair with foie and pâté.

Very pleasant with fresh fruit (pear).

Always chilled

Chill in the freezer and serve between 7 & 9º C.

Light and Sweet

A combination of the flor with sweetness.

Style of Glass

In a white wine glass or a wide rimmed glass with ice.

  • Alcoholic content
    between 15.5 & 22% vol
  • Sugar
    45 - 115 gr. / litre
  • Total Acidity
    3 - 5 gr. / litre
  • Volatile Acidity
    < 0,4 gr. / litre
  • High in
    < 2 gr. / litre

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