Naturally Sweet Sherry Wine



The Moscatel is one of the sherry grapes with pronounced fruity notes typical of this kind of grape which has greater aromatic personality. The Moscatel vineyards are close to the beach in sandy soils with considerable maritime influence.

Tasting Notes

Ranging from chestnut to an intense mahogany in colour, with a pronounced density and tearing. The characteristic varietal notes of muscatel grapes stand out in the nose with the presence of the floral aromas of jasmine, orange blossom and honey suckle in addition to citric notes of lime and grapefruit and other hints of sweetness. It has a restrainedly sweet palate with predominant varietal and floral notes leading to a slightly dry, bitter finish.

Did You know

When Moscatel is raisined by “asoleo” a great concentration of sugars and aromas of raisins is produced. The resulting wine is known as “Moscatel de Pasas”.


Production and Ageing

Moscatel wine is produced from the grape of the same name in either fresh form or sun-dried form until it develops an intense raisining of the fruit. In the latter case pressing produces an extraordinary concentration of sugars and a certain level of coloration. Now with musts made from fresh or sunned grapes, the fermentation is stopped with the addition of wine alcohol.

Ageing is carried out exclusively with air contact and causes progressive aromatic concentration and increasing complexity without losing the freshness and the typical fruity character of the grape. This wine is ideal for drinking on its own, and its structure allows opened bottles to be kept for months.

Serving and consuming

Moscatel with food

Moscatel makes the ideal combination for pastries and desserts which are not excessively sweet, based on fruit and ice-cream.

Slightly chilled

Serve slightly chilled between 12 & 14° C in a white wine glass.

A perfect dessert wine

Pairs perfectly with fruit and ice-creams.

Ideal to enjoy by the glass

The structure of the wine allows conservation of the bottle for a few months.

  • Alcoholic content
    between 15 & 22% vol.
  • Sugar
    more than 160 gr. / litre
  • Total Acidity
    3 - 5 gr. / litre
  • Volatile Acidity
    < 0,8 gr. / litre

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