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Oloroso is a wine made from palomino grapes. The special structure that it demonstrates at an initial tasting destines it for oxidative ageing. For this reason alcohol is added to 17°, thus preventing the development of the veil of flor and allowing the wine to age while exposed to oxygen. The result is a wine both structured and complex. 

Tasting Notes

Ranging from rich amber to deep mahogany in colour, the darker the wine the longer it has been aged. Warm, rounded aromas which are both complex and powerful. Predominantly nutty bouquet (walnuts), with toasted, vegetable and balsamic notes reminiscent of noble wood, golden tobacco and autumn leaves. There are noticeable spicy, animal tones suggestive of truffles and leather.

Full flavoured and structured in the mouth. Powerful, well-rounded and full bodied. Smooth on the palate due to its glycerine content. It lingers in the mouth, with complex retronasal aromas of noble wood creating an elegant dry finish.

Did You know

Although the Olorosos sometimes reach relatively high alcohol levels, even above 20%, it is simply the result of the long ageing process. The cask allows for the evaporation of a good amount of water that the wine contains, thus concentrating not only the alcohol content, but also the rest of the components that contribute to the aromas, flavours, and complexity of the wine.


Production and Ageing

The product of the complete fermentation of palomino grape must, Olorosos are "vocational" wines whose special structures, apparent from the very beginning, indicate to the tasters that their destiny is that of oxidative ageing. An initial fortification to 17% by volume prevents the development of the film of flor, and thus the wine slowly ages in constant contact with oxygen as it descends through the traditional criaderas and solera system. The gradual loss of water through the wooden walls of the cask facilitates a process of concentration which enables the wine to gain in structure, smoothness and complexity.

Serving and consuming

Oloroso with food

The ideal temperature at which to serve an Oloroso is at between 12 and 14ºC. 

This is the most suitable wine to accompany red meat and game. It combines perfectly with meat stews and casseroles; especially gelatinous meat such as bull's tail or cheeks. The perfect match for wild mushrooms and well cured cheeses.

Slightly Chilled in a White Wine Glass

Serve it between 12° and 14° C in a white wine glass.

Smooth and Persistent

Ideal accompaniment for prolonging the sensation of intense flavours.

Ideal to Drink Glass by Glass

Its composition allows it to be stored in open bottles for months.

  • Alcoholic content
    between 17 and 22% vol.
  • Sugar
    < 5 gr. / litre
  • Total Acidity
    4 - 6 gr. / litre
  • Volatile Acidity
    < 0,8 gr. / litre
  • High in
    8 - 10 gr. / litre

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