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Dan Fischer

My wine journey started over 25 years ago when I started my post-MBA management consulting career. I wasn't a big wine drinker since I did not grow up with wine in my home, but I was lucky to travel with co-workers who were oenophiles. As Anthony Bourdain said in his book “A Cooks Tour” (early in his career before his fame skyrocketed), “travel changes people.” 

Once I traveled, tasted, and discovered, I became obsessed with food, wine, and culture and began formal wine study. Over the years as I have accumulated many wine certifications (including the WSET Diploma), wine and the wine industry have become my passions. Along the way, I discovered Sherry while deciding to take a course at the last minute during a wine conference in 2007 - not knowing at the time how influential the course would turn out to be. 

I met the late Javier Arauz in 2007 when he was President of the Wine Academy of Spain and he was delivering the first Spanish Wine Educator course in America. I had always loved the wines of Spain but knew nothing of Sherry. All it took was a few sips + Javier’s passion and ambassadorship for Sherry and I was hooked. Javier and I struck an immediate friendship that propelled me on my Sherry journey. In fact, it was Javier who referred me to the Sherry Educator program in Jerez where I received my certification in 2010.  

I started Dos Cortados Wine Consulting + Education as an homage to my love of both sherry and my favorite coffee drink in Spain (I always order “dos cortados” at a time). I’ve translated my business consulting skills and experience into a full-blown wine & spirits side hustle where I teach wine, spirits, and saké classes, provide personal & corporate consulting, deliver wine & spirits seminars (sales training, team building, etc.) and speak at wine conferences in my "spare time.”

I look forward to helping you with your own Sherry, wine, and spirits journey. 



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