Sherry Wine, simply put, is a wine meant to be enjoyed with food. It’s the perfect partner for a rich variety of flavors and dishes. World-renown chefs are increasingly featuring Sherry wines on their menus, as its versatility from sweet to dry, makes it a staple for all cuisines from East to West. The range of Sherry aromas, from almond, to caramel, to fresh apples, complement and enhance the flavours of any appetiser, main dish, or dessert. Whether it’s balancing seafood, rich meat dishes, pungent cheeses, or sweet pastries, Sherry Wines elevate the gastronomic experience.

Sherry Pairings & Recipes

Get inspired to pour and pair your favourite Sherry with a growing selection of key tips, downloadable guides and pairings that will take your palate on a delectable journey.