International Sherry Week

Now in its 4th year, International Sherry Week brings together thousands of sherry-lovers in a multitude of events in more than 25 countries every year.

The annual global celebration showcases Sherry Wines through a network of public and private events in bars, restaurants, hotels, bodegas, universities, tabancos, and wine clubs around the world simultaneously during the week of November 6th - 12th, 2017. 

Once registered, your event will be listed free of charge here on giving you free publicity for the Sherry Wine industry’s most anticipated global event.

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From Sherry Pairing Menus, Sherry Cocktails, Masterclasses, Twitter Tastings, to In-store Tastings & Promotions, there is no limitation to how you choose to celebrate International Sherry Week.

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Do you have a bar, restaurant or another type of business involved with Sherry? You could win 1,000€ worth of Sherry in our Best Event of Sherry Week Competition

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Hundreds of events are already on the Sherry world map. Start planning your week, search and share events near you. 

Become a Certified Sherry Educator

Design a Sherry Week pairing menu showcasing at least 3 Sherry wines, based around the theme: “If It Swims..., If It Flies..., If It Runs...” and you could be attending the Sherry Educator course in Jerez, 2018. 

Sherry Pairings & Cocktails

Be inspired by pairing tips, recipes and Sherry cocktails from world leading experts in gastronomy & mixology with hundreds to choose from. 

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5 ideas to organise an event

Whether your Sherry aficionados are old hands who can tell their Amontillado from their Oloroso blindfolded, or they’re still finding out about the world of Sherry Wines, we have 5 ideas for organising an event which everyone will love.

The Sherry Sessions

If you were a Sherry wine, what drop would you be and why?  Get to know sherrylovers from around the world in this intimate interview series.  

Only one rule !

The only rule is that the wines must be from the Domination of Origin of Jerez-Xérès-Sherry or from the D.O Manzanilla of Sanlúcar de Barrameda.​


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Show the world that your venue will be participating in the world’s largest Sherry party this year with the official International Sherry Week Poster.

You can download two versions, our standard poster as shown here, or the venue version allowing you to write everything that is happening during your celebrations. AND THEY ARE ALL 100% FREE to download.

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International Sherry Week encourages responsible drinking & enjoying Sherry Wines in moderation. Proudly presented by Sherry.Wine

Sherry Wines

Classic, Passionate & Uniquely Spanish
Vino Generoso


Vino Generoso


Vino Generoso


Vino Generoso


Vino Generoso

Palo Cortado

Vino Generoso de Licor

Pale Cream

Vino Generoso de Licor


Vino Generoso de Licor


Vino Dulce Natural


Vino Dulce Natural

Pedro Ximénez