Dates for the 10th Sherry Week announced: 6-12 November 2023

15 February 2023

This year marks a major anniversary for International Sherry Week. The largest celebration of these unique wines from southern Spain started in 2014, and over the ten years since, it has grown into a major global occasion. Over 18,000 tastings, pairings and other Sherry-themed events have been enjoyed by more than half a million participants in 40 countries*.

Sherry Week 2023 NP

Sherry Week is organised under the auspices of the D.O. of Sherry Wines and Manzanilla. Sherry-lovers will delve more deeply into the delights of Sherry, how and where it is made, in the recently redefined Sherry production area, and which types of Sherry pair best with which foods. As always, a broad selection of international events, from introductory tastings for the uninitiated, to musical, cinematic and literary-themed events, and of course tours of the bodegas themselves in the Jerez region.

Sherry World Tour: routes and pop-ups

This year’s Sherry Week, on 6-12 November, will be the biggest ever, with more events than all the previous editions, and a strong global focus. Several iconic cities will feature on a pan-continental stage of the Sherry World Tour, including London, Madrid, San Francisco, Sao Paulo, Tokyo and Sydney: Sherry routes will take in a series of participating restaurants and wine stores in these cities. Like on a tapas route, which are so much part of the Spanish gastronomy experience, Sherry-lovers will have an unforgettable experience discovering the offerings of various places in the same city.

In addition, this year’s Sherry World Tour will also include an exciting Sherry-pairing innovation: a series of collaborations by leading chefs in different cities across the world, consisting of guest Sherry Week pop-ups in renowned restaurants, where they will offer a pairing menu over several days, as well as a Masterclass. For example a UK-based chef in a celebrated Jerez restaurant, or a Madrid-based one in Beijing. This meeting and interchange of gastronomy and culture is a key aspect of Sherry Week, where people from all over the world meet virtually and in real life to learn how beautifully these wines match every type of cuisine and food, from fish to fowl, and from Thai to Mexican.

The Sherry World Tour will raise the profile of these wines across the globe to new heights, thanks to a series of exciting and original events. As well as the routes and pop-ups, the pan-continental nature of the Sherry community will make its voice heard, as Sherry-lovers from Australia to the USA, and everywhere in between, unite in a chorus of approval for Sherry, and its harmonious pairings with gastronomy.

Registration for events opens on 1 May 2023 via the website

A Social Success Story

The social media campaign over the past nine years of Sherry Week has been hugely successful on a global scale, winning several awards for best digital campaign dedicated to wine. As one of the first such events to use social channels to spread the word between Sherry-lovers and bars and restaurants who were organising tastings and pairings, the total tally of impressions on Twitter is an astonishing 157 million; almost 74,000 social media posts with the hashtag #sherryweek, and over 240,000 likes on Instagram*.
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