Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I have to pay to register an event?

No. It is completely free to register your event on International Sherry Week’s website.

2. How many events can I register?

You can register one event or as many events as you like. The only rule is that your event must promote the wines of the D.O of Jerez-Xeres-Sherry and D.O Manzanilla - Sanlúcar de Barrameda.

3. Can I change the information of my event once it’s submitted?

Yes. To change the information of your event, please submit a request to

4. My event will repeat every day during International Sherry Week, do I need to create a different event for each day?

No. If your event is held on multiple days simply tick the days the event will take place and choose a start and end time of the event for that day. 

5. How will International Sherry Week promote my event?

Events are shared on X (Twitter) and Stories on both Instagram and Facebook DO Jerez accounts and on our website.

6. Who runs International Sherry Week?

International Sherry Week was created by Certified Sherry Educator Chelsea Anthon is managed globally by Chelsea & Co. Digital Creative Agency under the auspices of the Sherry Wine Council of Jerez.

7. What types of Sherry events can I add?

There are no limitations to the types of Sherry events you can create. Both Public and Private events are encouraged. Sherry Tastings with special guests from bodegas or Sherry Educators, Sherry and Tapas, Sherry and Menu pairings with local cuisine, Sherry and language courses, Sherry and Flamenco, and Sherry Cocktails are all popular events. 

8. Can International Sherry Week find me a Sherry sponsor?

International Sherry Week is a marketing platform to connect Sherry professionals with consumers. For large events that generate extensive publicity, please contact us with a proposal outlining your event strategy, including a number of people expected, and we will be happy to try and connect you with a sponsor

9. Can I use the International Sherry Week logos to promote my event?

Everything on the “Downloads” page of the website is available for you to use to promote your event free of charge.

10. My event won't submit, what do I do now?

Firstly, check that you have filled in all required fields correctly if not, there will be a notice in red font under the field. Make sure there are no spaces in your email address, including at the end of the address, and try again. If you are unable to submit an event after following these steps, please contact us at