About Sherry Week

For the 7th year International Sherry Week, organised under the auspices of El Consejo Regulador Jerez-Xeres-Sherry, will spread the word about Sherry wines to aficionados in a multitude of events both online and offline throughout the week of November 2nd - 8th 2020.   

Thousands of restaurants, bars, wine stores, wine educators and bodegas across the world will hold Sherry tastings and offer pairing menus, as well as other Sherry-themed events, to show how superbly this wine pairs with a wide variety of dishes, from cheese and cured meats, to fish, seafood, stews, and desserts.

Organisers have reported increases of as much 500% in Sherry Wine sales during International Sherry Week, along with sustained growth as a result of exposure.

Sherry Week is a great opportunity to share with consumers the vast knowledge from all our varied activities - Sherry Cocktail Competitions, seminars, masterclasses, and our Sherry Educator Programme, says César Saldaña, General Manager Sherry Wine Council, Jerez-Xeres-Sherry.

Professionals in the wine and gastronomy sectors can spread the word about Sherry to enthusiasts, whether newcomers or experienced. So we’re not only connecting Sherry lovers from around the world, but also supporting all our collaborators.

Sherry Week’s success as a social media marketing event has been recognised in three awards organised by industry publications: Drinks International Wine Marketing Awards and the Drinks Business.

The monumental social media buzz around the event shows how enthusiastically Sherrylovers engaged with the campaign. In 2018, more than 15,000 original posts were recorded throughout the week with the hashtag #sherryweek. There were more than 150,000 likes on Instagram alone, and a further 37 million impressions via Twitter (source: Tweetbinder).

Registration is FREE

Registrations are now open. Once registered, events will be listed free of charge here on sherryweek.wine providing participants with free publicity for the Sherry Wine industry’s most anticipated global event.

Start planning your Sherry Week celebrations! Swap ideas with other sherry-lovers using the hashtag #sherryweek, and keep up to date with all news by following Sherry Wines on Social Media channels. 

Remember you can also find hundreds of recipes, cocktail ideas and pairing ideas from guest sommeliers and chefs on sherry.wine

What the restaurant owners and wine professionals said

Sherry Week is like a huge wave from the Atlantic Ocean, which we surf on and enjoy. We can tell people that Sherry is as popular as Champagne, Beaujolais, Malbec. Sherry has its own festival which is celebrated by all the world.

Monica Zhou – Director, Talentum Trading and Consulting, Shanghai, China

So many new Sherry lovers – we had a brilliant week with a different event every day and with a huge variety of ages and types of customers – from young girls to rugby and football fans, and retired couples to hipsters - they all came along and enjoyed the Sherry experience.

Owen Morgan – Manager, Bar 44, Wales (UK)

During Sherry Week I see customers being adventurous and open-minded. I’ve converted a few of our casual punters into avid Sherry drinkers. The demographic of those converts is truly mixed - from the cool kids of the northern quarter, to the more experienced drinker, Sherry is starting to make its way in Manchester again. ​

Jason Sheldon, Reserve Wines,​ Manchester, UK 

Sherry Week for us, at Sable, was all about creating a menu that was approachable for our guests. We aimed to highlight the versatility of Sherry in cocktails, while enhancing the guests’ experience with traditional pinxto-style pairings. This was a fun opportunity for our guests to explore Sherry, who otherwise may have shied away from it.

Jess Lambert – Bartender, Sable Kitchen & Bar, Chicago (USA)

We believe that pairing with food is the key to enhancing people’s understanding of these wines and the Sherries paired exceptionally well with the menu created by Michelin-starred chef, Nigel Haworth.  Overall the evening was outstanding and we look forward to building on this success for Sherry Week 2017.

Craig Bancroft, Managing Director, Northcote, UK (AA Hotel of the Year 2016)

International Sherry Week flooded many corners of Spain with hundreds of events taking place in restaurants, bars, wine clubs and gourmet tasting rooms, uniting both amateurs and professionals in the celebration of these unique wines. What's been very interesting is that ISW has introduced many new fans here in Spain to discover Sherry wines for the first time, which has been a real baptism of Sherry, establishing a bond that will last for life.

Pepe Ferrer – Journalist & Sherry Wine Gastronomy Ambassador (Spain)
International Sherry Week encourages responsible drinking & enjoying Sherry Wines in moderation. Proudly presented by Sherry.Wine


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