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Queen Anne's Revenge

With Amontillado


For a ShakeStir competition, I decided to craft a low ABV Tiki riff of the Blackbeard's Ghost. To accomplish this, I substituted sherry for the two rums, swapped ginger syrup for the falernum, and changed around a few of the proportions. I described the cocktail as, "An aperitif-Tiki riff on the Blackbeard's Ghost named after Blackbeard's most famous pirate frigate." The combination impressed the judges enough that they selected it as one of the new CocktailCourier offerings.



Queen Anne's Revenge

Shake with ice, strain into a double old fashioned glass, fill with crushed ice, and garnish with a dried (or fresh) lemon wheel.


Author , Somerville, MA United States of America


Serving and consuming

Amontillado with food

Amontillado should be served at a temperature of between 12 and 14º C.

It is an ideal wine to accompany soups and consommés, white meat, blue fish (tuna), wild mushrooms and semi-cured cheeses.

It combines perfectly with vegetables such as asparagus and artichokes.

  • Slightly Chilled in a White Wine Glass

    Serve it between 12° and 14° C in a white wine glass.

  • Dry but Intense

    Its dry and intense flavour adapts to difficult and risky pairings.

  • Ideal to Drink Glass by Glass

    Its composition allows it to be stored in open bottles for months.