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Pionono of figs with foie mi-cuit

Pair with: Moscatel


Cooking time: 1 hour

Recipe created by Lidia María De la O Mancilla for the International Sherry Week Blog Contest 2019.



Pionono of figs with foie mi-cuit

The first thing we will do will be the Genoese cake, if you want to do it in a traditional way you have to follow the instructions here. If you have Thermomix we will do it with her which is less laborious. To do this we put the butterfly on the blades. We pour the eggs and sugar and program 6 minutes, temperature 37º and speed 4. Then we remove the temperature and program another 6 minutes at speed 4. Add the flour around the blades and salt, program 4 seconds at speed 3. Remove the butterfly and if we see traces of flour we wrap with a spatula to integrate well. We spread the dough on a baking sheet, protected with baking paper. Bake for 10 minutes at 180º. We take out of the oven, we turn around and deposit on another baking paper. With the help of the roller we extend well, to make the dough finer and even, and roll with the help of paper. We let cool completely.

Once the cake has cooled open carefully, cut the possible edges that are more irregular, paint the cake with a little wine to prevent it from becoming dry and start spreading the foie-mi cuit. Then we wash the figs and cut them into thin slices, discarding the bottom and top. We have on the cake leaving space between each one. We water with some strands of cane honey. We begin to roll the cake over the longest part, pressing well each time we turn around so that the filling is fixed. We take the refrigerator wrapped in transparent film for a few hours or until serving time.

After this time we take out and cut into cylinders about three fingers thick. We wash the figs and cut the bottom, open making a cross each fig. We have on the "pionono", fill with a teaspoon of foie mi-cuit. We water with a little honey and decorate with some chives stalks.

Serve with a glass of Moscatel.


Author , Spain


Serving and consuming

Moscatel with food

Moscatel makes the ideal combination for pastries and desserts which are not excessively sweet, based on fruit and ice-cream.

  • Slightly chilled

    Serve slightly chilled between 12 & 14° C in a white wine glass.

  • A perfect dessert wine

    Pairs perfectly with fruit and ice-creams.

  • Ideal to enjoy by the glass

    The structure of the wine allows conservation of the bottle for a few months.