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Prawn Salad with Citrus Dressing

Pair with: Manzanilla


Cooking time: 30 min

Manzanilla, a dry white wine, pairs beautifully with this prawn salad and bright citrus dressing. The orange and lime bring out the fresh citrus notes in the Manzanilla, while the wine cuts the fat in the avocado and olive oil, making for a light and refreshing pairing.


Prawn Salad with Citrus Dressing

Make the dressing by liquifying the zest and juice of the orange, the juice of the lime, the chopped basil, and the olive oil. Put the salad leaves, prawns, walnuts, and avocado into a bowl, pour dressing over, mix well, and serve.


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Serving and consuming

Manzanilla with food

Manzanilla combines perfectly with fish and seafood, as well as with salted fish and cured meats.

Thanks to its low acidity, it is, together with Fino, the perfect choice to accompany salads, cold soups and dressings. 

  • Always serve very chilled

    Use an ice bucket with both ice and water to serve chilled between 6 & 8º C.

  • The wine of the sea

    Perfect with fish, seafood and all styles of food from the sea.

  • Style of Glass

    In traditional wide rimmed catavinos or in a white wine glass.