Bon Ton Boil House


A Cajun-style eatery, Bon Ton, serves an assortment of New Orleans-style dishes, including crab, fried fish and seafood boils.  If you're thirsty, there's an inventive list of original cocktails, NOLA classics, beer, traditional wine, and Sherry.

Sherry Cocktail

Old Ward

With a house Sherry blend of Manzanilla, Oloroso, and PX, reposado tequila, mezcal, Hoodoo chicory, and bitter, the Old Ward is wonderful to sip during the fall season.  You get the wonderful rich sherry notes of lemon, walnut, and raisin from the sherry blend with a touch of earthiness, woody, and fruit notes from the tequila and hoodoo. The mezcal lends a little smoke and a few dashes of the bitters give it a chocolate note on the back end.  If you like Vieux Carres, give this a try.