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Llama Inn

Brooklyn, United States

We're not just a restaurant, we're an inn.  A culinary destination, part urban hacienda, part charming corner barrio bistro. 

No, you can't sleep here, but yes, we'll take care of you.  We'll take care of you in the morning, as you chill with a cappuccino, loath to face the L train.  We get it.  We'll take care of you at lunch, and we'll never tell your boss you had a Sherry (go ahead, live a little!)  We'll take care of you at dinner with an adventurous menu, full of twists, turns, and surprises to be shared among close friends.

We're an everyday affair, we're a special treat.  Pop in, stay a while, get to know us.

Venue name
Llama Inn
50 Withers Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211
United States
Our recommended Sherry Pairing

Duck sausage, rice, english peas, raisin, cumin, beer, and spinach, paired with Palo Cortado

For this 2016 Copa Jerez U.S. Finalist dish, Palo Cortado seamlessly reiterates the gamey sweet sausage as it has a medium body and nuttiness that coats the palate. The hazelnut, light marzipan, and toffee notes from the oxidative aging in the wine works well with the unctuous creaminess of the paté and there are herbal qualities on the finish that are redolent of spice which brings out the cumin and baking spice of the sofrito in the rice. This is a satisfying pour with a homey dish.

Find the recipe here.

Duck sausage, rice, english peas, raisin, cumin, beer, spinach & Fernando de Castilla Palo Cortado Antique 1 of 3
Gooseberry tiradito with Hidalgo La Gitana en Rama Manzanilla 2 of 3
Lucuma, chocolate, coffee & Cesar Florido, Moscatel Pasas 3 of 3
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