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Faena: Operation. Each of the various processes carried out by arrumbadoresin the winery, or in the vineyard.// Acad. Physical work.
Falsete: Tightly-bunged hole, centrally placed near the bottom of the front of the cask// Acad. Cork for closing a cask when the tap is removed.
Fino: Sherry wine aged under a layer of floryeasts.
Fleteado: Chiming. Cooperage operation consisting of bevelling the inside edges of the staves. Part of the topping process.
Flor: A biological film formed on the surface of certain wines by specific yeasts indigenous to the Jerez area.
Fogarín: Hearth area within a vineyard homesteads casa de la gente with an open fire-place where the cooking is done.// Acad. Common hearth used by farm workers in a vineyard, estate-farm, and so on. Usually at floor level.