International Competition of gastronomic harmonies with Sherry and Manzanilla Wines

National Phase X Copa Jerez.

The National Final of the X Copa Jerez begins

Copa Jerez, the international competition of gastronomic harmonies with Sherry and Manzanilla wines, organised every two years by Fedejerez and the Regulatory Council of the "Jerez-Xérès-Sherry" and "Manzanilla-Sanlúcar de Barrameda" DOOs, is calling for chef and sommelier teams to the National Phase of the X Copa Jerez.

Copa Jerez is a biennial international gastronomic competition that pits teams made up of a chef and a sommelier from seven countries (Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, the United States, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom) against each other. The aim of each team is to present the best pairing of a three-course gastronomic menu with Marco de Jerez wines.


Rules 2022

Find out about the phases, the evaluation criteria and the mechanics of participation to take part in the 10th edition of the Copa Jerez.

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National participants

Submit your proposal by filling in this form or by email to info@copajerez.com.


IX Copa Jerez Edition

The sommelier Paul-Henri Cuvelier and the chef Fabian Bail, representatives of the Paul de Pierre restaurant, were the winners of the 9th edition of Copa Jerez. The members of the Belgian team also won the Juli Soler award for Best Sommelier and Best Chef, respectively.

2021 Finalists

What is Copa Jerez?

Copa Jerez is the bi-annual International Competition of Gastronomy and Sherry Pairing that invites chef and sommelier teams from seven countries (Belgium, Denmark, Germany, The Netherlands, Spain, UK and US) around the world to devise the best possible haute-cuisine menu paired with Sherry wines.

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In conjunction with the Forum, the IX Copa Jerez International Final was held on November 9th at the Villamarta Theatre. The finalists defended their proposals in live before the jury and the public. The members of the Belgian team also won the Juli Soler award for Best Sommelier and Best Chef, respectively.

2021 Results


Some of the world’s top names in gastronomy shared their insight on Sherry Wines and the latest trends in haute cuisine. The programme included presentations, discussions, tastings and live events.

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Copa Jerez Professional is designed to foster greater knowledge about how Sherry Wines play a key role in the passionate world of food & wine pairing.

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