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El Peruanito

With Oloroso


This cocktail was inspired by my heritage. I was born in Lima, Peru and wanted to showcase some of our customs by utilizing the chicha morada.



El Peruanito

In a cocktail shaker add all ingredients ice shake first. Dry shake after and double strain into pony glass. Garnish with powder cinnamon.


Author , Princeton United States of America


Serving and consuming

Oloroso with food

The ideal temperature at which to serve an Oloroso is at between 12 and 14ºC. 

This is the most suitable wine to accompany red meat and game. It combines perfectly with meat stews and casseroles; especially gelatinous meat such as bull's tail or cheeks. The perfect match for wild mushrooms and well cured cheeses.

  • Slightly Chilled in a White Wine Glass

    Serve it between 12° and 14° C in a white wine glass.

  • Smooth and Persistent

    Ideal accompaniment for prolonging the sensation of intense flavours.

  • Ideal to Drink Glass by Glass

    Its composition allows it to be stored in open bottles for months.