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La Renaissance Providore

With Manzanilla


Australian mixologist Ben Greenham created this cocktail featuring Manzanilla La Goya and Disaronno for a cocktail competition held in Australia 'The Disaronno Mixing Star 2015'. The perfect mix of Italy and Spain he impressed the judges so much that he won the competition. 



La Renaissance Providore

Shake and strain into a tankard filled with crushed ice. Garnish with a dehydrated lemon wheel and a sprig of dill.


Author , Perth Australia


Serving and consuming

Manzanilla with food

Manzanilla combines perfectly with fish and seafood, as well as with salted fish and cured meats.

Thanks to its low acidity, it is, together with Fino, the perfect choice to accompany salads, cold soups and dressings. 

  • Always serve very chilled

    Use an ice bucket with both ice and water to serve chilled between 6 & 8º C.

  • The wine of the sea

    Perfect with fish, seafood and all styles of food from the sea.

  • Style of Glass

    In traditional wide rimmed catavinos or in a white wine glass.